In The Garden Part I w/Angela

So I am the process of redoing post processing on a lot of my older and latest photos as well! Here’s a shoot from 2015 I worked on with the talented model Angela and the very skilled makeup/hairstylist Heather Johnson . I have a whole bunch of photos from this set, so I will be dividing them up into 2 parts! Enjoy!

Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-2Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-3Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-4Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-6Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-7Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-8Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-9Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-10Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-11Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1Sonora-AngelaSonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-13Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-14Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-15Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-16Sonora-Angela-Garden Part 1-17

BW Garage Session

Not too long ago I went to LA, and had the privilege of working with so many wonderful and talented models and comedians. One of the models brought along her sister, and at the last minute we did a few shots as well. I have this strong passion for the VSCO filters as well as BW, and I loved the fill and the rawness these photos brought, along with the minimalistic posing by the model Jvy.Fvl










Black Inspired Disney Princesses

Disney- P--11
So excited to finally share this project inspired by the Disney Princesses with everyone, I’ve been wanting to share this since February, but because of unforeseen circumstances I had to wait a few months. This was one of the projects that took a lot more work, just because a lot of the costumes for the inspired Princess shoot had to either be created on set, or digitally altered in Photoshop after.


First I am extremely thankful to my darling wife Tracy who helped push me to actually get this project going as well as finished and always supporting me in all my passions and visions! Next I want to thank my partner and crime and creative Heather Johnson ( for giving her creative time and energy for the many shoots we have done in the past, and more so especially this one! I also want to thank my other makeup artist Ms. Stephanie Lusk ( no one literally loves Disney more than her), I knew this shoot would be perfect for her, she even got to model in it, so hopefully her whole new world came true ;). I always want to thank my other makeup artist Ms. Savanna O’neal, this is our second time working together, she helped style one of my shoots before, but she’s extremely talented, and hardworking and looking forward to the future projects we will put together. I also want to thank Joe Lusk, he definitely helped the models embody the characteristics of each character, and helped with what anything else I needed the day of shoot, that’s what best friends are for! And finally last but not least, I want to thank all the models who sacrificed their time, travel , and energy to help me complete such an awesome project. Thank you Allana Chambers, Tracy-Ann Frazier, Chiko Katiki, Kennedy Spence, Paquell Butterfield, Kaitlan Flowers, Tynia Carrol, Lashae London, Nyzeire McGee, Stephanie Lusk, and Dezi Soley and click on their names to follow them on instagram!

Make sure you share 😉
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Disney- P--12


Disney- P--9

Disney- P--4

Disney- P--6

Disney- P--3

Disney- P-2

Disney- P-

Disney- P--8

Disney- P--7

Disney- P--2

Again many thanks!

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New York & Company Spring 2016 Must-Haves

Had the wonderful opportunity to partner with my wife and New York and Company


By Kokabuta | instagram

Hello Spring! Beautiful flowers are blossoming, and new trends are making its way on the streets’ runway. New York & Company, a leading fashion and accessories retailer for women, is the destination for your spring 2016 fashion must haves. All eyes will be on you while wearing NY&C ‘s styles.

Here’s a list of 5 New York & Company Spring 2016 Must-Haves:

(1) New York & Company released their Soho Collection- featuring Jennifer Hudson denim early Spring. This collection offers an array of casual, modern and bohemian style jeans. The extreme cuff, release hem, stovepipe silhouette jeans is a combination of casual, modern and bohemian. This jeans is comfortable, and hugs my curves in the right places. This is the perfect go-to jeans to add spunk to any outfit.


(2) Let’s not forget the one-piece! New York & Company’s flare legged denim jumpsuit is perfect for…

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FASHION SHOOT: Rainy Days with Kelsey Smith

So recently between being newly married and moving, I haven’t been able to shoot as much as I wanted to, much less film with some of the equipment I have ( Moza Lite). So finally an opportunity presented itself to shoot with one of my favorite people Kelsey. Unfortunately as pulled up to our location, it began to rain really really hard, and neither of us liked the idea of possibly getting sick or soaking camera equipment so we improvised and decided to shoot in her car. And here’s the result! Also I learned a new skin retouching technique that I plan to share with you all!


PicsArt Review: The All-in-One, Mobile Creativity Suite”

As photographer and a digital artist, you want to be able to create all kinds of unimaginable works of art. Thankfully there is a new awesome app called PicsArt Photo Editor. It gives you the ability to do really simple edits as well as more advanced edits all from the comfort of your cell phone or digital tablet.

PicsArt recently asked me to work with them on sharing their app and some of it’s amazing features.

Below is an original photo I took of NYC from the Brooklyn bridge with some minor color grading.

As a creative, I wanted to add a different dynamic to the photo. Before that I did a few minor adjustments.

Brightness +6
Contrast -20
Saturation +8
Hue +7
Shadows +18
Highlights +20
Temperature +16

Next I rotated the image upside down for a different feel and perspective as well.

I went over to the clipart menu and decided to use the Up and Away hot air balloon clipart. I added about 3 balloons to the image.


Next I went to their lens flare, and added a light source. And added these settings below for the Lens Flare.

Hue +97
Opacity +92


And finally for a little depth for the balloons. I used the pencil tool to share the balloons to add a cast shadow


And that’s it. Great software to use…really simple and straight forward. It’s like having a Photoshop in your pocket. Really thankful to the creators for creating such an amazing app.


My Sony A7II Experience and Review

Hey everyone, so I’ve never done a review before on a product, and I know this camera has been out for awhile, but I recently just purchased it and currently am making the switch from Nikon to Sony so I thought I’d share my real life experience with it.

I’ve been shooting with a Nikon D7000 D5200 D200 and my starter camera D40 for years. They have always done what I needed them to do, and got the jobs done and I have had no complaints. I knew I always wanted to jump to a Full Frame at some point, but could never truly decide on which Nikon Camera to go. I also last year got really into video so instead of upgrading I purchased a Lumix GH4, and even started using that as my go to camera while using Nikon Lenses on it. Unlike the Nikons, the GH4 was like a super computer for me, and it took me awhile to get used to it, especially the in-depth menu as well.  So about a month ago I was doing research and came across a few photographers Brian Smith and Mike Tang who both shoot with the Sony A7 brands, and I loved the color and toning of their work, as well as the sharpness of the images.


I know a lot of people have mentioned the bad about the camera, and it seemed to have a lot more bad than good at times, but honestly not everything works for everyone. I will agree that the battery life is not the best, but thankfully they are small so you can easily carry 2-3 in each pocket and be good on a long day of shooting. The menu is a bit massive, but again it wasn’t too much to handle because I felt the GH4 had a lot of options so maybe I was accustomed to it. And then the auto focusing was another everyone mentioned, but coming from someone who shot manual focus on the GH4 for 90% of my shoots, it was pretty simple and straight forward. I do wish it had two slots for memory cards, and I also wish it had a bit more room for my fingers, but that’s the trade off for its size. Still this camera is unbelievable and the images and colors it produces are out of this world.


Also I snagged the Zeiss 55mm 1.8 and the 35mm 2.8 for this camera, and these have been the sharpest lenses I have ever used in my life. Especially the 55mm, the focus as well as the milky feel of the background gives the images so much life as well. Even shooting it at a higher f/stop I found myself cranking the sharpness back a bit in post production.


That’s also another big one, being able to shoot at lower shutter speeds while not using a tripod is another bonus. I haven’t had the opportunity of shooting in a real low light setting to see how it really shows its stuff, but I’m sure that opportunity will come soon enough as well.


Also a huge huge plus is how small this camera is for a full frame camera. Definitely perfect for street photography, or even just traveling around as well. It’s nice to not lug such huge cameras around with massive lenses, and still being able to get the same quality if not better.

I am still dabbling a bit with it and getting used to the overall feel of it, but it is definitely a great buy. I can definitely see myself grabbing the A7RII in the future a probably another A7II for another backup. I also attached a few images I shot with it below as well. And Thursday I have a small wedding I am shooting so I will be using it to see how it goes, but of course I will bring the Nikon gang just in case. I’ll probably share my experience on how that went.


  • Battery Life
  • Menu System (For Some People)
  • A second SD slot would be pretty awesome.
  • Slow start up (Not the end of the world though)


  • Dynamic Range
  • Resolution
  • Great ISO
  • Image Stabilisation

Koka-4Koka-5 KL2-8